When CEO Olivier Touchard made the decision to have Primexis participate in the 2015 "Happy at Work Employee Survey" it was not with the intention of making "the honors list", but of getting important workplace culture information for his management team to build a better firm. Employee responses provided Primexis with both. Primexis placed 14th out of 70 participating companies as a good place to work ---  and Primexis management is putting in place practices to solidify and build on its good reputation.

As in the U.S. and the U.K., French companies are increasingly reacting to more than 30 years of solid research demonstrating the link between employee satisfaction and tangible business results. Increased financial turnover, better quality job applicants, and a host of other related benefits correspond to a company's score on employee responses to selected indicators. Once this economic argument is made to CEOs and CFOs, and they see the corresponding research to back it up, the next question is how do we do it? How do we get started?

Primexis worked with the consultants of the French based company "Happy at Work" who have been leaders in this area, and who have developed the employee survey based on six key areas. It's the results from this testing that gives a company its baseline. On June 10, Les Echos, France's leading economic and financial newspaper, published the comparative 2015 results of this testing nationally, and Primexis received the very good news that it placed number 14 overall.

As CEO Touchard said "We are very proud to get the "Happy At Work" label which testifies to the positive experiences of the teams within the firm. These results encourage us to continue our actions and our efforts in a more transversal approach of our management, the optimisation of our internal HR practices, communication and sharing ideas from our culture group."