When expanding into any new market, companies are confronted with barriers to entry. These can be quite significant for a foreign company entering a CIS country in particular. In response, SCHNEIDER GROUP has developed a business package which is designed to lower these barriers, and specifically, lower those associated with the expensive and timely bureaucratic processes of establishing a company. SCHNEIDER GROUP has managed to do this by avoiding them altogether.

In order to establish a representative office in the country, a foreign company will need to devote three to four months and thousands of Euros, not to mention additional time required for work visas (if employing a foreign worker). And even after that, the company will need to consider setting up proper back- office structures, such as accounting, legal and tax experts, etc.

Ambitious companies go through this entire process in order to get one marketing manager on the ground in Russia and "test" out the market - a significant investment for an uncertain outcome. But there is another option which is often overlooked by companies: a combination of outstaffing and supporting services. This way a company can have the benefits of a full-time employee on the ground, without establishing a company.

In a bundle of services provided by SCHNEIDER GROUP, companies are able to establish a concrete presence within a week. The client would also be provided with

  • recruiting services, 
  • a business address,
  • a physical workplace
  • secretarial  supporting  services,including  business  visas  and  a coordinator,
  • HR/payroll administrative support,
  • fully modern and well-equipped meeting rooms.

All of this will be billed in a single invoice every month. Also, the outstaffer will immediately be a part of an international team of 500 employees within SCHNEIDER GROUP, meaning he will have the benefit of a modern corporate infrastructure right from the beginning.

What's more, considering SCHNEIDER GROUP's presence in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Germany, if an international company is considering a stronger advance across these countries, then partnering with us would allow this service to be offered group-wide, having one invoice and one coordinator for your operations in 6 countries.

Naturally, only companies with a strong reputation, steadfast legal compliance, and complete transparency should be considered to provide these services. Luckily, these qualities have been built and firmly upheld over the 12-year history of SCHNEIDER GROUP. They are highly valued and are the grounds for its success to-date.

If you have any questions about the service, or how we may be able to partner with you, please contact Luke Johnson at Johnsonl@schneider-group.com.