Buffalo, NY – Freed Maxick has applied Augmented Reality for its latest print advertisement in the Buffalo Business First print publication. This is the first time that this type of advertisement has been done in Buffalo Business First. Augmented Reality is defined as an enhanced image or environment viewed on a screen or other display, produced by overlaying computer-generated images, sounds, or other data on a real-world environment.


Utilizing Freed’s current client testimonial campaign featuring some of their most valued clients with whom they’ve cultivated the strongest relationships with, the Hospice Buffalo video was taken and re-worked so that it could be laid over the corresponding print ad, which was also modified to include instructions on how to activate the video from the paper itself. Using a downloadable application called Layar, the augmented reality experience begins – once the app is downloaded and opened, the user simply points the phone at the ad and it comes to life right on the page.


“The decision to launch this technology in Buffalo Business First was quite deliberate. Augmented Reality is a way to improve our connection with Business First readers, and current and prospective clients. It enables a more immediate, immersive experience,” says Jennifer Hamberger, Chief Marketing Officer at Freed Maxick. Ms. Hamberger worked with FourthIdea, a Buffalo-based advertising and branding agency with a national clientele. CEO of FourthIdea, Thomas Mooney, stated “Augmented Reality is a very innovative tool when it comes to engaging your audience, with more relevant and meaningful content.”


Freed Maxick likes to stay ahead of the curve, and looks forward to implementing this technology in other mediums in the future. To activate the video from the attached advertisement in this release, please follow the instructions on the bottom of the image.



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